Dearest reader,

thanks very much for being here. 
My name is Martha, I am from Rome and I am mother to three adorable childrens.
This blog is about creative sewing ideas and I hope, you'll find it inspiring for your handmade projects.  

At the beginning, sewing was just an hobby.
Then, slowly slowly some friends started to follow my blog and kept them selves updated with my new projects, then they started to ask me to buy some of my handmade crafts.
That is why I decided to open my shop that you'll find in the main Menu.

Unfortunately, due to space limitation, I can not have a bilingual web site.
For this reason I kindly invite you to use google translator to translate my post and labels (categorie).
Google Translator is available on my right sidebar (below my social icons) and it works pretty well, perhaps better than my English :-) 

For me is very important to have visitors from abroad. I am sure you can give me advices or suggestion or teach me something that has to do with sewing, that is common in your country.
For example: english paper piecing if you are english, fuxico if you are brasilian, etc.
I really believe in women networking, so please leave a comment on my post or write me an email at lacasinaditobia@gmail.com

I am working hard customizing my house with original sets like table sets, runners, decoration to hang, curtains, dish towel, pot holders, draft excluders, door stopper and bookend but I am a "stay home" mum and I am too busy with my lovely three children. I also love to make handmade gifts to my friends, for their birthday, or Easter and Christmas celebration.
Click on the picture below, to see  my handmade creation:

I lavori della Casina di Tobia


Tobia is the name of my dog, who lived with me for 17 years.
Born in 1991 and flew over the "Rainbow Bridge" in December 2008 after a long illness.
With this blog, he is still alive, in fact La Casina di Tobia means The little house of Tobia.
Thanks for reading, thanks for stepping by.
Hope to hear from you.